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200                                           TEE  GOS/IK HABI VANS,

with the title of Radha Yallabh, which on his arrival at Brinda-ban was set up

by Hari Yans In a temple that he had founded between the Jugal and the
Kolija ghats on the bank of the Jarnuna. Originally he had belonged to the
Madhvacharya Sampradaya and from them and the Ximbaraks, who also claim

Mm, Ms doctrine and ritual were professedly derived.    But in consequence of

the mysterious incident, by which he had been induced to forego his intention
of leading a celibate life and take to himself two now wives ; or rather in con-
sequence of his strong natural passions, which he was nnable to suppress and
therefore invented a fiction to excuse, his d-evotion was all directed not to
Krishna himself, except in a very secondary degree, but to Ms fabled mistress
RadM5 whom he deified as the goddess of lust. So abominable a system was
naturally viewed at first with no little amazement^ as is clear from the language
of the Bhakt Mala, which is as follows : 

II 51 i!

1 fiffi

5ra ^^^ ^^-3           11

iff fllfF                      U

u The Grosain Sri Hari Yans : who can understand all at once his method
of devoiaon? with whom the feet of blessed Radha were the highest object of
 worship ; a most staunch-souled devotee ; who made himself the page in wait-
Ing on the divine pair in their bower of love ; who gloried in the enjoyment of
the remnants of all that was offered at their shrine ; a servant who never pleaded
obligation or dispensation ; a votary of incomparable zeal. Account him blessed
who follows in the path of Yyasa's great son, toe Gosain Sri Hari Yans ; who
can understand all at once Ms method of devotion ?"
In &e glossy or supplement of Priya Das, composed in the year Sambai
1769? the same sentiment is expanded and a reference made to the legend of
tie Br&hmaa and his two daughters*